Crystal Palace vs Manchester City live stream: How to watch for free

The story of Crystal Palace vs Manchester City is one of streaks. Manchester City has won or drawn their last seven games and is looking to extend that streak. Crystal Palace, on the other hand, has not won a match in 2023 and is looking to break that streak. The two face off at Selhurst Park this weekend. If Crystal Palace can pull off a win, both teams’ respective streaks will be broken.

The Crystal Palace vs Manchester City match is airing on USA Network in the U.S. at 12:30 PM ET. Most of the best live TV streaming services give you access to the game. There are several ways of watching USA, including some that are potentially free. Read on as we break down all of your possible options for watching the match to find which one is best for you. We’re starting off with our go-to recommendation.

Watch the Crystal Palace vs Manchester City Live Stream on FuboTV

Our favorite way to stream soccer matches on USA Network is through FuboTV. The big reason we started there is because of its free trial. If you start the FuboTV free trial right now, you can watch Crystal Palace vs Manchester City for free, and the other Premier League games on USA this weekend like the Leicester City vs Chelsea live stream. After your free trial is over, we’re betting you’ll stick with the service. It will completely replace your cable box, with 145 channels for $75 if you go with the basic package.

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